Friday, March 17, 2017

Rethink WestCONnex - Campaign Update

We all know that WestCONnex is just about handing your tax dollars to big corporate political donors. But what would WestCONnex look like if it was instead designed to serve our real transport needs? Masters students at UNSW have imagined Westconnex tunnels repurposed as an underground rail network, and we think it's pretty great!

The exhibition is open Monday-Friday 10am-5pm until April 5th in the Red Centre, west wing, ground floor gallery at the University of NSW.
We've had a busy couple of weeks campaigning to stop WestCONnex. Check out what's been happening below.

On the 4th of March about 40 Rozelle residents occupied the Victoria Rd footbridge while clad in white paper overalls and face masks, alongside a few white elephants and a packet of "westCONnex unfiltered" to send the message to the Berejiklian government that we won't tolerate their assault on our community's health and wellbeing. The action, organised by Rozelle Against WestCONnex (RAW), drew attention to the health impacts caused by this destructive motorway.

On Monday Newtown residents took action letting locals around King St know what's happening with WestConnex. The action was organised by the WestCONnex Action Group (WAG)

On Tuesday morning Camperdown residents took to the streets to oppose the new drill site proposed on the corner of Mallett St and Pyrmont Bridge Rd. The action, organised by Camperdown Residents Aware of Westconnex (CRAW), was to notify Camperdown residents of the government's proposed drill site. Should the plan go ahead Camperdown residents will have to contend with hundreds of trucks clogging up this already busy intersection every day for years to come.

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