Tuesday, March 21, 2017

ACOSS – Community Sector Urges Senate to Oppose Horror Omnibus Bill

21 March 2017

When:  10.00 am, Tuesday 21 March 2017

Where:  Senate Courtyard, Parliament House

Who:  Dr Cassandra Goldie, ACOSS, joins -

  • Ara Cresswell, Carers Australia
  • Marie Coleman, National Foundation for Australian Women
  • Katie Acheson, Australian Youth Affairs Coalition
  • Dr John Falzon, St Vincent de Paul Society
  • Jeremy Halcrow, Anglicare Australia 
  • Samantha Page, Early Childhood Australia
  • Camilla Rowland, ACT Council of Social Services
  • Craig Wallace, ACT Council of Social Services
  • Contact: ACOSS Media 0419 626 155

Leaders in the community sector are urging cross bench senators to not back down and continue to oppose $5.6 billion in social security cuts within the horror Omnibus Bill which the government is currently trying to push through the Senate. The community sector has consistently opposed the social security cuts in the Omnibus Bill, in some cases since the 2014 Federal Budget.

If it goes ahead, the Omnibus Bill will cut incomes of millions of people on low incomes. As Australia’s childcare peak bodies have stringently argued, better quality childcare cannot be funded on the backs of vulnerable low income families and individuals in Australia. The social security cuts in the Bill affect single parents, carers of all ages, people with disability, Age Pensioners, young people, and people who are unemployed.

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