Friday, March 17, 2017

ACTU – Michaelia Cash Obsessed With Sally Mcmanus

Minister for Employment Michaelia Cash has chosen to ignore rising unemployment and has instead spent the day obsessing over the Australian Council of Trade Unions’ new Secretary Sally McManus.

Data released from the Australian Bureau of Statistics today shows there are now 748,000 Australians without work and the unemployment rate is at a 13-month high.

 Quotes attributable to ACTU President Ged Kearney:

  • “Instead of finding a solution to the catastrophic worsening jobs figures, Employment Minister Cash today chose to spend tax-payers’ money sending out numerous statements about unions to media.”
  • “Total unemployment is rising, with around 750,000 people now without work, and more than one million employed people who want more hours of work. Also of grave concern is rising youth unemployment.”
  • “The Turnbull Government must be held responsible for doing nothing at all for overseeing to stem rising unemployment, underemployment and stagnant wage growth.”
  • “This government has backed in wage cuts for some of Australia’s lowest paid workers who stand to lose penalty rates and has absolutely no credible plan to create a single, steady job. This is its modus operandi.”

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