Thursday, March 23, 2017


It should have been a routine job. 37-year-old Paul Walsh was  with a small drilling  team in Station Street , Katoomba working  on an NBN contract  when he was killed, after suffering what the Blue Mountains Gazette described as "head injuries".

According to the Construction Workers Union Paul's death on 1st April 2016 highlighted the dangers which the union believes are  inherent in the workforce model being used on the NBN contract. It's a pyramid system which the union says leads to those at the bottom exposed to the most risk.

Paul Walsh wasn't the only one to die at work last year. He was one 178, according to Safe Work Australia.

WORKERS INTERNATIONAL MEMORIAL DAY is held every year to remember the dead and fight for the living. In recognition of the day Blue Mountains Unions & Community  is holding a special meeting on Saturday April 29th at the Family Hotel in Katoomba 2.30-4.30

Guest Speakers:

  • RITA MALLIA, NSW President CFMEU General Division
  • EMMA MADDEN , assistant secretary, Unions NSW: " Workers are being killed and maimed at alarming rates. Yet the NSW Government has decimated the system that was meant to provide support for injured workers until they get back on their feet"
  • ROWAN KERNEBONE, Organiser, Injured Workers Network

"We can't bring back our loved ones, but we certainly can fight to ensure all workers are able to come home at night" - Workplace Tragedy Family Support Group.

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