Saturday, January 01, 2005

John Howard's Industrial Relations Laws: Articles and comments

End of line for AWAs
ACTU: WorkChoices still not dead
Libs drop opposition to AWA demise
New Employment Standards
Gillard ends public service AWAs
Fines for AWA duress
IR changes kept secret
Wages fall under Howard
Hockey goes over the top in Work Choices dogfight
Sign AWA, lose third of pay
Election coming ... Get on the roll!
Don't sign AWAy your redundancy pay
It's About Time:
WorkChoices undermines "common good"
ABCC bans Eureka flag! (153 years too late)
WorkChoices: even worse for women
IR report just a Liberal Party job
Get ahead: be a bad boss
Business using taxpayers money for IR campaign
WorkChoices: family stress, lower pay
ACTU demands Govt apology
Bullying rife in the workplace
Excelior uses WorkChoices to exploit workers
Sign an AWA, earn 16% less!
FSU Secures BankWest East Coast Expansion
Church attacks Fair Pay Commission
Rudd: Labor will rip up AWAs
IR laws claim 7 more
Cochlear workers demand union coverage
Part-time work worst for mums
A scare campaign short of the facts
Supreme Court of Canada: Unionism a human right
'union bosses Hockey' cries foul
Fed Gvt plays cheap politics with ABC childcare workers
McLeod's Daughters and AWAs
AWAs: new form of wage slavery?
Poll shows Labor IR plan a winner!
Building bosses desparate to keep their court
Greg Combet: Labor Candidate
Election fears: Howard starts IR backdown?
Song: 'New Legislation'
Get real on AWAs - says WA's largest union
Petition Big business
Labor's Industrial Relations Policy
Howard's IR laws 'contrary to Catholic doctrine'
Business slush fund: $20m for IR support
PM would never lighten IR laws, says ACTU
Clarke and Dawe: IR Laws
Rockin' For Your Rights: SCG 22 April
AWAs: longer hours for less pay
IR laws 'hurt workers, help bosses'
Howard's law in operation
The importance of unions in a democracy
Gillard to spearhead Labor's fight against Howard's WorkChoices
30 November: rally roundup
Howard's adviser in AWA row
Your Rights at Work Worth Voting For
Victorian Election: Victory for working families opposing IR laws
IR laws direct attack on the right to peaceful political protest
IR Laws Hit Wages: ABS Data Shows Pay Drops Below Cost Of Living
ACTU Vows to Intensify IR laws Campaign
High Court dismisses challenge to IR laws
Working Class Man - Jimmy Barnes to Rock Against Work Laws
Vanstone: 457 Visa "undermines the unions' ability to exploit high wages"
Aged Care Nurses Stung First By New IR Laws
Coalition cracks widen on IR laws
Police State? Workers Lose Right to Choose Lawyers
Give Howard a nasty shock!
McCallum: IR laws six-year shelf life
Hungry Mile - Here to Stay!
WorkChoices Reverse Somersault with Pike
Union Values
ACTU Launches New Vision For Workplaces Based On Collective Bargaining
International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) letter to Howard
PM considers Queensland election results
Judge blasts IR laws
Beattie makes IR link to poll win
Office of Workplace Services erodes public service independence
Cowra Abattoir Collapse: Federal Govt's Attack On ACTU IR Ads Now In Tatters
Riviera Marine couldn't hide behind Howard's unsafe laws
Defence staff face big pay cuts under new AWAs
Fixing the WorkChoices Mess
Queensland Coalition asks federal government not to draw attention to IR laws!
Liberal senator: coalition losing PR battle on IR
Jetstar AWA Tells Real Story of IR Laws: Workers' Pay Reduced by $160 a week
Bishop brands IR laws unjust, unfair
Desperate IR Minister cranks up propaganda
Small Business deserts Howard on WorkChoices
Tasmania to set up IR watchdog
Support the 107!
Howard's monster about to bite
IR Laws Are Turning Off Workers And Business Alike
Employers split over IR laws
ACTU Condemns Disgraceful Federal Govt Attack On Sacked Workers
100 reasons why WorkChoices is a dud
WorkChoices - the low road to nowhere?
Secret Govt & Big Business Talks Seek Further Cuts In Pay and Conditions
Government rocked by school play!
Building workers: jail threat
Voters turn on John Howard and his IR laws
Beazley: AWAs cannot be fixed, they must be rejected
Sacked men in IR ads
Australia's IR Laws are Among The World's Worst: ILO Complaint
Aussie Post Unlawfully Using Doctor Scheme
Federal IR power grab 'suspicious'
Professor Ron McCallum on WorkChoices
Independent Contractors Act: dangerous form of ideological zealotry
Workers told to sue boss for harassment
WorkChoices Bans Safety Courses
Contracting: new threat to job security
States kick off IR court challenge
Costello Plans Super Swindle
Seditious Intent:
films inspired by Australia's Anti-Terror Bill

Penalty Rates For Weekends & Public Holidays Threatened By New IR Laws
WorkChoices: one in five Liberal voters regret re-electing Howard
IR laws face first test on WA site
Workers Turn to Trade Unions in Face of Howard Govt IR Changes
Dismissal unbarred for all!
Treasury Report: Howard's IR laws not productive
Australian songs dealing with IR laws
Canberra accused of fresh plans to strip rights
NSW Government shields staff from IR laws
Holiday Win for Thousands
Professor Frank Stillwell: the politics of fear
Survey finds knowledge gap among employers over IR changes
The odds are even as a very big question awaits seven answers
Melbourne Burns AWAs
IR Laws to Force Down Minimum Wage
NSW launches High Court challenge to IR laws
Fair Pay Commission: Ian Harper's record
200 Days On Picket Line For Boeing Workers
No economic case for IR changes: Beazley
Hidden Dangers In Individual Contracts
WorkChoices: Family and small business impact
Rights at Work Pledge
IR law debate gagged
Guarantee Of Weekly Or Fortnightly Pay Day Under Threat From IR Laws
PM taking charge of revolution
Cardinal George Pell: IR changes threaten Aussie ethos of fair go
Liberals lose 'safe' seat
David Williamson: Howard no battler's friend
Take a Stand, Barnaby!
Ross Gittins: WorkChoices' class war
Eight myths of Howard's industrial relations agenda
November 15 Rallies a Huge Success
Remember This Day - 15 November 2005
Bishop attacks IR laws 'from the 19th century'
Howard: Five-day week extinct
New laws not Australian way
ACTU TV ad: Kevin, government employee
Bill Leak: Your Employer Does Not Need You!
Moir: New Simplified IR Legslation
Howard's 'Oliver Twist' clause: don't ask for more!
Tell the Senate Your Concerns about IR laws
Extreme & Radical IR Legislation
Maori Workers Take Haka to Canberra
Howard doubles cash for IR bodies
IR ads bill hits $55m
Business launches IR blitz
God to set minimum wage
Leunig: Today's Spam
Emperor Howard
More jobs AND protection for jobs
IR reform: Howard's grin and you bear it
Pru Goward: Long hours disconnecting families
Salvation Army: IR laws exploit vulnerable
Workchoice: Bruce Petty cartoon
Howard's high stakes IR gamble
Andrew Dyson cartoon
IR laws will hit pensions
Howard's Razor Taken to OHS
Kevin Andrews: "Unhappy workers can go elsewhere"
PM Breaks Pledge On Public Holidays, Meal Breaks, Penalty Rates And Overtime
Employees will be more isolated and their jobs less secure
Former umpires criticise new rules
Church leaders warn of damage to relationships and family life
Now We Know For Sure - People Will Be Worse Off
"Howard smashes union power"
More slant than substance in jobs reform ideology
Secret Taping: Devious and underhanded
Archbishop condemns Howard's IR reforms
Bank workers win rights to RDOs
Workplace plans a sham says free-market economist
Send a message to the government that you oppose its workplace changes! download the postcard
Sydney: 150th birthday of the Eight hour day
Howard's dream
AWAs: Companies now think it is open season on workers
AWA Threat - Soy You Later!
Howard's IR plan a step backwards: Galbraith
Macquarie and UTS students score goal against Nelson
Unions defy Howard on minimum wages
'The Spark': Australia's first trade union podcast
CPSU Submission to Senate Inquiry into Higher Education
Howard's Flexibility - Bush Pay Rates Slashed
Liberal Party, Not Working Families, Should Pay For Govt's Misleading IR Ads
Howard's $20 million ad campaign: It doesn't work!
Equal Pay Unlawful!
Church slams Howard's IR laws
On the Union Bus
Howard's IR Laws: Threat to legal existance of unions
Women's Rights at Work - Worth Fighting For
Money or a life, the choice was yours
IR campaign goes international
IR laws put penalty rates at risk
You are telling lies but I am selling reform
Individual Contracts: How they work in Canberra!
New Anglican leader won't "butt out" of IR Diary [ listen mp3 ]
Advertising Is Truth
Poll: Two thirds oppose Howard's IR plans
Greg Combet: Employee Rights and the Economy
Poll: John Howard support plunges 10%
Kevin Andrews' threat to bosses: no government work!
Full house at Hobart City Hall
New Industrial Relations Regime - Vogue Australia
George Pell cautions John Howard over IR
The Workers, United
Blue Mountains: 1000 in IR protest meetings
250,000 take part in workplace rights protests
Government says protests are "illegal"
Part of the Union: Bernard Carney song
IR changes report card: University of Sydney Law School media conference
Boeing AWAs: 43 Hour Week - No Penalties
Howard and unions: a Catholic response
Howard aims to create his own dystopia
Church leaders uneasy about IR laws
Precious will not go to my head...
AWAs: Attacking Workers Again
Wage freeze planned for 1.6 million low paid
$20 million to sell IR changes
IR plans: Damaging the fabric of Australian society
Employers praise NSW IR system
Religious leaders speak out against IR changes
You're fired!
AWAs: No good for men; even worse for women
Workplace Danger: AWAs
Australia's industrial relations system
Australian Catholic Commission for Employment Relations seeks meeting with Minister re IR
UNDER THE AXE if Howard gets his way!
ILO puts Howard Govt On Trial over Employee Rights
Howard's great crusade
Vinnies challenges PM's views on Income Inequality
Uniting Church opposes Government's IR changes
Howard Flushes 650,000 Western Australians down the drain
Howard's "Fair Pay" Commission
Arbitration in Australia: reflections by Justice Kirby
The Corporation's Power: Howard's cure-all
New Zealand IR lessons
What future for the minimum wage?