Wednesday, January 18, 2017

US – Seventy Four Percent call for Trump Tax release

Seventy-four percent say Trump should release his tax returns, which the president-elect refused to do during his campaign. 52% state that Trump's proposed plan to have his sons manage his businesses is sufficient while 42% state that Trump should sell his businesses.

Experts say the returns could reveal conflicts of interest, how much money he gives to charity and his effective tax rate. In red states, 69 percent said he should release his returns as did 81 percent of those queried in blue states. In May, the number was at 64% and in September those in favor checked in at 63%.

Trump has justified withholding his tax returns by saying he is under audit and at his news conference last week rejected the notion he should release them, saying, "The only one that cares about my tax returns are the reporters".

Forty-one percent, overall, say "they care a lot" about Trump releasing the records - 47 percent in the blue states, 36 percent in the states Trump won, the poll finds. "I think it's hard sometimes for people who are liberals, who are Democrats, to hear Trump supporters saying that we should now govern ourselves in a way that Donald Trump did not".

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