Monday, January 30, 2017

"Time for leadership": Bill Shorten slams "appalling" Donald Trump immigration ban

Bill Shorten has slammed US President Donald Trump's ban on immigration from seven predominantly-Muslim countries as "appalling", arguing Australia should not stay silent on the decision that has shocked the world.

After Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull refused to condemn the immigration ban, which has seen visitors and visa-holders thrown off planes as they try to travel to the US, Mr Shorten said to remain silent could be "interpreted as agreement".

While other world leaders take a strong stand against Donald Trump's anti-immigration policy, our PM has tried to skirt the issue.

"Wherever possible, I want the United States to be able to go about its business without interference from Australia. And I would expect the reverse to be true," the Labor leader wrote on his official Facebook page.

"However, there are some issues where silence will be interpreted as agreement. For that reason, I need to say Mr Trump's ban on refugees based upon their religion or country is appalling and ought to be ended as soon as possible."

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