Sunday, January 22, 2017

Donald Trump: Women's marches in Australia, New Zealand and Across the World

Protesters attend an Donald Trump Inauguration protest outside the State Library in Melbourne.
Post-inauguration women's marches in Australia and New Zealand have launched a global human rights event expected to attract over 2 million people worldwide.

Women's March Global, a movement sparked by a march in Washington timed to coincide with Donald Trump's first day in office as US President, said 673 sister walks were planned worldwide.

An estimated 2.2 million people were expected to take part in the events across seven continents, including Antarctica.

The aim of the headline march in Washington on Sunday (local time) is to send a "bold message" to the new government and the world that "women's rights are human rights".

The women, men and children at the rallies are uniting to protest against what they say is the threat Mr Trump's policies pose to the political vulnerable.

These groups include women, religious and racial minorities, LGBTI communities, people with disabilities and survivors of sexual assault.

Thousands marched towards the US consulate in Sydney
"Feminism is my Trump card" and "fight like a girl," were among the placards held by marchers.

"We're not marching as an anti-Trump movement per se, we're marching to protest the hate speech, the hateful rhetoric, the misogyny, the bigotry, the xenophobia and we want to present a united voice with women around the globe," organiser Mindy Freiband said.

US singer-songwriter Amanda Palmer, Wiradjuri elder Jenny Munro and social commentator and writer Jane Caro are among the women who will appear at the Sydney march. Caro told the crowd: "I don't hate anyone, but I'm not fond of Donald Trump."

New Zealanders launch global women's event

New Zealand launched the first of the post-inauguration marches, hours after the world watched Mr Trump be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.

About 2,000 women, men and children marched peacefully in Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin, Christchurch and Invercargill.

Marchers carried signs reading "we shall overcomb", "girls just want to have fundamental rights" and "love trumps hate".

March in London

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New York


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