Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Turnbull's tipping point

Write today's date down for history. After three years and a double dissolution election the Turnbull Government has struck deals to get the ABCC through the Senate.

All unions have faced laws like the ABCC before. Last century there were prison sentences for unionism and this century there was Workchoices. We saw off all these laws. In fact, some of our biggest achievements were won despite repressive laws.  When we stuck together and fought for our rights conservative governments came off second best.

This is the week where the blind ideology of the Coalition government meant they put all their efforts into taking away rights from workers whilst ignoring the reality of life for working Australians.

They could have focused on creating jobs; but instead the ABCC stops unions demanding jobs for apprentices.

They could have fixed the laws that allow widespread exploitation and underpayments like with 7-Eleven and Caltex; but instead they gave speeches bashing unions.

They could have fixed the laws that let billion dollar companies outsource their responsibilities to their workers and replace good jobs with low paid ones like at the Carlton & United Brewery; but instead they took civil rights away from 1 million workers.

They are out of touch and represent only the very rich.

Australian Unions will mark today by committing ourselves to campaign for jobs we can count on and for stronger rights at work for all workers. And we will defeat the ABCC. This is just a matter of time.

In unity
Australian Unions Team

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