Thursday, November 03, 2016

Join The Doctors March - 5 November

Submitted by NSW Teachers Federation on 2 November 2016

Doctors for Refugees is calling on all Australian doctors and their supporters to march on November 5 to demand humane treatment of asylum seekers and refugees.

Meet in Hyde Park North at 1pm.

More and more evidence of abuse of asylum seekers and refugees in the camps on Manus Island and Nauru is emerging. Many doctors and medical workers have seen the conditions and abuse on Manus and Nauru firsthand.

The Australian government has now publicly accepted that the camp on Manus Island has to close, following the Papua New Guinea Supreme Court decision in April, but they are still attempting to find another country to take them.

Most recently the Prime Minister announced that the Migration Act will be amended to ensure that asylum seekers who try to come to Australia by boat are permanently banned from entering Australia.

Earlier in the year the “Let Them Stay” campaign stopped 267 asylum seekers being returned to Nauru and Manus Island. It is only through building similar pressure that we can force the Government to close the camps completely and “Bring Them Here”.

Federation supports this event and encourages members to join Doctors for Refugees this Saturday to get behind their demands to close the detention camps and keep building pressure to resettle all the refugees and asylum seekers from Manus Island and Nauru in Australia.

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