Thursday, November 03, 2016

GEELONG Trades Hall Council Secretary Tim Gooden has stood down after more than a decade at the council’s helm.

Trades Hall yesterday announced Mr Gooden had formally resigned from the position, with past Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union organiser Colin Vernon formally endorsed to take over as secretary.

Mr Gooden notified Trades Hall of his decision to vacate the positions of both secretary and treasurer in an October 17 letter to president Jacqueline Kriz.

“I have come to this decision as I strongly believe that this position requires fresh energy and ideas,” the letter said.

“After 11 years in the job, I find that I’m a bit stale and would like to become a rank and filer again.

“I would hate to become one of those who just bide their time until retirement.”

Mr Gooden said he didn’t want the move to be seen as a resignation from the union movement, and signalled plans to continue on at Trades Hall.

The move comes after Mr Gooden was last year elected to the position for his third five-year term.

Colin Vernon was elected unopposed as Secretary-elect in Mr Gooden’s absence, and will be formally endorsed on November 15.

Mr Vernon, a previous Industrial Health and Safety Organiser in Geelong with the CFMEU, said he was proud to take the position.

“It is a big position, and certainly there’s a lot of work to do,” Mr Vernon said.

“I have been a unionist all my working life and I am looking forward to the challenges ahead.”

The health and safety of workers and jobs in the region would be Mr Vernon’s top priorities for the near future, he said.

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