Saturday, December 17, 2016

UK – Tories Staggering £4.6bn Cuts Create Social Care Crisis

Jeremy Corbyn today blamed a staggering £4.6bn of cuts for the social care crisis – describing it as “made in Downing Street”.

The Labour leader traced the alarming care failures to harsh austerity since 2010.

Mr Corbyn asked Theresa May if she knew the scale of the cuts imposed on local authority social are services since the start of the decade – but received no answer.

He then said: “The Prime Minister does not seem to be aware that £4.6bn was cut from the social care budget in the last Parliament.

“Not mentioned in the autumn statement, underfunded and many elderly people left in isolation and increasing risk because of the lack of Government funding.”

Mr Corbyn also said: “This is social care system that’s deep in crisis. The crisis is made in Downing Street by this Government,” and he added: “Get a grip and fund it properly.”

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