Tuesday, December 06, 2016

TPP Becomes "Meaningless "

Last week, President-elect Donald Trump announced that the United States is going to withdraw from the TPP or Trans Pacific Partnership deal. In the words of the Japanese Prime Minister, without the U.S., the TPP is “meaningless”.

Contrary to what major new outlets are reporting, Donald Trump didn’t kill the TPP. We did. For the past four years, SumOfUs members all around the world made phone calls, talked to their representatives, signed petitions, shared them on social media and chipped in to make this happen. Together, we delivered petitions around the world all over the United States, New Zealand and Australia. Our combined people power is what got us here.

No to TPP

Concerned citizens worried about more unemployment, access to medication, internet freedom and the overall increase of corporations’ control over our lives, stood against this deal from day one.

Donald Trump’s election campaign played on those very fears and made himself look like a man of the people. So this is a victory that we have to claim for ourselves; we defeated the TPP, not Trump, one of the richest men in the world with nothing but greed as his main motivator. 

His vision for the world puts corporate lobbyists in the driving seat of U.S. government policy, tramples on worker rights and protections, hands massive tax breaks to the 1%, and sets back urgent climate action.

Right now, we have to prepare ourselves to fight against the kind of world economy his government will build. And there’s only one way we win this fight: together.

And that’s why SumOfUs exists. To fight for people over profits. To fight against the takeover of corporate power of our democracies, to fight folks like Trump. We will show up at every hotel, every rally and every meeting to oppose any trade deal that threatens our rights and natural resources.

Until then.

Thank you for all you did against the TPP,

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