Thursday, December 29, 2016

CPSU – Public Service Commission Highlights Own Bargaining Failure

DEC 21, 2016

The CPSU is disappointed at Public Service Commissioner John Lloyd’s latest attempt to shift the blame for his serious failings in public sector bargaining, rather than engage and negotiate constructively.

Mr Lloyd has today issued a media release that appears to claim that more than three years of counterproductive and unfair bargaining has been a success.

CPSU National President Alistair Waters said: “It’s absolutely extraordinary for John Lloyd to be crowing about the success of his bargaining policy, as 100,000 Commonwealth public sector workers are just a few days out from their third Christmas without a pay rise. It’s a truly horrible situation for them and their families.”

“As usual Mr Lloyd is disingenuously focussing on the number of Commonwealth agencies that have new agreements while ignoring the bigger picture. The fact that two-thirds of workers don’t have new agreements after so long underlines Mr Lloyd’s spectacular failing as APSC Commissioner.”

“Mr Lloyd has finally acknowledged that the four largest agencies still don’t have new agreements, but bizarrely he continues to claim that the CPSU somehow has the power to make union and non-union members vote against their own interests. Deals have been voted down at least three times in these agencies because workers know a dud deal when they see one.”

“Mr Lloyd similarly has a strange idea of ‘overwhelming’ support for agreements settled on his watch, given he then points to results including a 58% Yes vote in the Attorney-General’s Department and 52% Yes for Screen Australia.”

“We believe the closeness of those results confirms absolutely that the majority of agreements that are going through are being voted for through gritted teeth, and reflect the harsh and damaging war of attrition that’s been waged on these hardworking staff.”

“Mr Lloyd criticises the CPSU for being unable to successfully negotiate any agreements, when the reason is the ridiculous barriers he has erected that prevent agencies from negotiating in any real sense to reach agreements that can benefit the community, benefit agencies and benefit hardworking staff.” 

“Public service workers know that the problems in bargaining are being driven by the Government’s approach and Mr Lloyd’s extreme ideology and not what’s best for public sector workers or the community they provide essential services for.”

“The CPSU remains ready and willing to negotiate a sensible resolution to end this long-running dispute.”

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