Saturday, November 14, 2015

GONSKI GOLD – Kids that Shine – 14 November Katoomba

Most people in the community have heard of “Gonski” and know it has “something to do with schools”.  Many have the impression it was just another government report that never saw the light of day. The fact is that programs supported by Gonski funding are a continuing and vital part of activities in our region’s schools.

Blue Mountains Unions Council hosts, “Gonski Gold – Kids that Shine” in the next of its regular public discussions, “Politics in the Pub” to be held at the:

Family Hotel in Katoomba 
Saturday 14 November, 
2.30 to 4.30pm. Admission is free.

The main point about Gonski is to ensure that money gets to where it is needed in our schools. One person who knows the value of Gonski support and has witnessed the fantastic results it is achieving is Katoomba High School principal, Jennifer Boyall. An educator of 20 years, Jenny will be one of the keynote speakers for the forum and will speak from direct professional experience about the benefits and successes of the Gonski roll out.

Jenny will be joined at the podium by Gary Zadkovich, Deputy President of the NSW Teachers Federation. Gary is a committed advocate for the continuation of the Gonski model and will highlight key aspects of the Australian Education Union’s campaign, “I Give a Gonski”.

Gonski funding is being provided to schools on a needs-basis after the independent Gonski Review found a lack of resources was denying too many children the education they need. The plan is to increase the funding over a six year period and get school resources to a standard that meets the needs of every student – now and in the future.

There are powerful messages coming out of schools about the difference Gonski funding is making. There is an increased ability to target unmet needs and boost student achievement with well-resourced programs and initiatives.

The Gonski model requires a six-year commitment from both levels of government, federal and state, to bring all schools up to a minimum resource standard. All major NSW political parties support budgeting for the full six years of Gonski funding. Our students need the same funding commitment from all major federal political parties.

The message is clear; our students cannot afford to lose this once in a generation opportunity for education reform.  

Local education professionals, parents, students and community members alike are encouraged to attend and contribute to discussion following the two keynote addresses.

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