Wednesday, November 01, 2017

ACTU – Turnbull Wants to give Big Banks Our Retirement Savings.

Banks aren’t super. But the Turnbull Government wants to give big banks access to our retirement savings.

Today, Australian Unions released a dossier on the banking scandals that have occurred in the last year.

There’s literally hundreds of scandals. They even include people’s ripping off people’s super. 

Right now, the Turnbull Government is trying to bring in new laws to give big banks more power over your super. They want to make it harder to working people to manage their super and limit the collective power of workers to put their super together for the best outcomes.

If your retirement savings are in industry super, more money will come back to you.

These laws threaten all that. We know the government does the bidding of the big banks, that’s why they won’t call an Royal Commission into the big banks.

The only way we can stop these laws is by telling the cross-bench that a vote for these laws is a vote for the big banks.

We know the cross-bench supports a Royal Commission into the banks. They are sick of people being ripped off by big banks too.

Can you to go to the social media pages of the Senators below and leave a message that you want them to protect your future and our security at work?

If we stand up together, we can protect our future that we have all worked so hard for.

Contact your Senators now. 

Senators for South Australia

Stirling Griff

Skye Kakoschke-Moore

Lucy Gichuhi

Senator for Western Australia

Peter Georgiou

Senator for Queensland

Pauline Hanson

Senators for New South Wales

David Leyonhjelm

Brian Burston

Senator for Victoria

Derryn Hinch

Senator for Tasmania

Jacqui Lambie

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