Monday, October 24, 2016

Goulburn Base Hospital Privatisation Backdown

Minister Skinner announced in Parliament that Goulburn Hospital would not progress to a public-private partnership. 

“Goulburn will not be progressed as there was not sufficient interest received to give the NSW Government confidence that better outcomes could be achieved,” Ms Skinner said. 

The State Government has allocated $120 million for the work’s first stage.

Health Infrastructure NSW has planned a four-stage re-development with later work heavily dependent on funding. It is not clear how this will be raised.

A party including the Goulburn Health Hub had lodged an Expression of Interest to incorporate some aspects at the Bradfordville project.

A surprised Goulburn and District Unions president Anna Crawford-Wurth said it was “a great outcome.” 

“Hopefully they're sincere in this. The people have spoken and the people didn’t want it. It’s amazing that the community has spoken – it wouldn’t have happened if the community had not rallied,” she said. 

“The other areas are still rallying and the unions are behind them, but this is the outcome we were hoping for and we are surprised it has come so soon. I thought we would have a bigger fight on our hands.”

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