Thursday, October 27, 2016

ACTU – Family Comes First

Even though we know that the best thing for babies is to have their parents at home with them during the early days, the Turnbull Government is once again pushing ahead with plans to cut the amount of paid time at home for new parents.  Tell Malcolm Turnbull that family comes first.

Making sure every new family can give a child a good start in life is something employers and the government need to provide, together.

Current parental leave arrangements enhance child and maternal wellbeing and support parents until they are ready to go back to work. It underpins whatever employees obtain by negotiation with employers.

Government funded paid parental leave was introduced as a universal program – to be available to all families in Australia. It must stay that way.

Let’s all send a strong message to Malcolm Turnbull by signing the petition. Once you’ve signed it, please spread the word in your networks and share the petition with family and friends.

In unity,

Ged Kearney
ACTU President 

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