Saturday, September 17, 2016

Sydney Park – Stop Baird's Bulldozers

Baird's bulldozers and chainsaws are coming to start cutting down our precious Sydney Park trees as early as Monday.

We need you to join us at 8am this Monday morning to stop WestConnex destroying parts of Sydney Park. 

Sydney Park is too precious to lose - it's where we relax, where we walk, where we play, where we meet up, where we exercise and where we want to spend time.

It is our green space. It is NOT an empty space that the NSW Baird Liberal Government can use to build an LA-Style tollway for the polluting WestConnex.

We're drawing a line here now before Baird's bulldozers start any preparatory work on our parklands.

Let’s show the Baird Liberal Government it is our park and we will not let them destroy it.

Snap Action: 8am Monday 19 September
Euston Road carpark, near the south end of the Alan Davidson Oval

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