Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gillard ends public service AWAs

Julia Gillard: No more AWAs in public service Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard today announced that no new AWAs would be offered in the Australian Public Service (APS), as the new Government took its first steps in dismantling WorkChoices.

The first pieces of the Government’s new workplace relations system introduce transitional arrangements that will:

  • enable the phasing out of AWAs
  • introduce an interim no-disadvantage test
  • start the award modernisation process.

While the transition arrangements allow for interim AWAs to be signed up until 2009, Ms Gillard announced that the APS would lead the way by ensuring no new AWAs are issued across the Service.

"Today, I announce that on and from this date there will be no new AWAs in the Australian Public Service," she said.

CPSU National Secretary Stephen Jones welcomed the announcement.

"This is an important development for workplace relations in the public service and will go some way to making the APS a fairer and more inclusive place to work. Obviously there’s plenty of detail to examine and we'll need to consider the impact of this change for APS employees in a wide range of circumstances.

"We will be working hard to ensure the rights of public servants are respected regardless of the way they are employed and we'll continue to provide practical advice to members,” he said.


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