Saturday, February 03, 2018

UK – DHL tells couriers: Take £2,000 pay cut or get on your bikes

Union GMB tells the firm to drop threats or 'face the consequences'

PARCELS delivery firm DHL-UK Mail has told its self-employed couriers they must take a £2,000 a year pay cut or be sacked.

General union GMB has warned the firm to drop its threat or “face the consequences.”

Since the deregulation of the postal service in 2006, UK Mail, now a subsidiary of the transnational Deutsche Post DHL Group, has competed with the Royal Mail in collection and distribution of mail.

The firm delivered its ultimatum to drivers at 55 depots despite having made profits of £41 million in 2016, forking out £5m in dividends to shareholders and £900,000 in pay to directors. It delivers for big brand names including Marks & Spencer, House of Fraser, O2, Ebay and Argos.

GMB accused DHL “of appalling treatment” of couriers, who at some depots were called in by management one by one and confronted with new contracts incorporating the £2,000 pay cut. They were told to sign or be sacked.

GMB national officer Mick Rix said: “GMB has been inundated with calls from members and other drivers at DHL-UK Mail over its draconian treatment of drivers.

  • “The company made healthy profits in 2016 and appears to be aping other parcel firms’ model: paying executives huge amounts while expecting workers to do more as they cut their pay.
  • “We are urging all drivers for DHL-UK Mail to contact GMB — we have lawyers waiting to talk to them.”

GMB organiser Stephen Boden said: “The way UK Mail is treating drivers is nothing short of appalling.

“Forcing self-employed drivers to take a £2,000 pay cut on pain of losing work is scandalous.

“GMB calls on UK Mail to drop this exploitative sort of action or face the consequences.”

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