Thursday, June 15, 2017

ACTU – Bundaberg workers to lose millions if Turnbull cuts penalty rates

15 June 2017

The Australian Council of Trade Unions says workers in Bundaberg would lose millions every year intake home pay every year if the Turnbull Government slashes penalty rates. Sally McManus, Secretary
of the Australian Council of Trade Unions is visiting Bundaberg today and says the consequences of
cutting penalty rates in regional communities would be devastating.

Workers in the Hinkler electorate are set to lose more than $6 million in disposable income each year
if Malcolm Turnbull slashes penalty rates according to a McKell Institute report.

Australians are increasingly being pushed into insecure work, while the cost of living is on the rise, and
the Turnbull Government is undoing laws that protect workers rights.

The Turnbull Government have failed to deliver a real jobs policy for Australians, instead launching an
attack on weekend penalty rates, as many regional QLD communities face stubbornly high rates of

Sally McManus is in Bundaberg today to meet with community members to hear their concerns about
the cuts to penalty rates, the rising cost of living and inequality. She is available for media interviews.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary, Sally McManus:
  • “The Turnbull Government is tightening the screws on hardworking Australians at the same time as attacking the laws that protect working people and giving a free pass to big business in the form of company tax cut hand-outs.
  • “The Turnbull Government can stop these cuts to penalty rates and we urge them to act to do this before they are due to come in on 1 July. When the Bill to protect penalty rates comes before Parliament each politician will have to choose – do they put the take home pay of locals first? 
  • “Slashing penalty rates is a cut to workers’ take home pay that they can’t afford and don’t deserve. It will mean many people who do work Sundays will be forced to work harder for less.
  • “Wage growth is the lowest it has ever been while company profits soar. It is time our Government stopped sacrificing the conditions and take home pay of working Australians.
  • “Forty percent of the workforce is now in insecure work. Job are being cut and casualised, off shored and outsourced. Two out of every five working people in Australia have no security in their job. A whole generation does not know what it is like to have a paid sick day or a paid holiday.
  • “Malcolm Turnbull has no answer to our jobs crisis. He is making things worse for working Australians, taking every chance to give special treatment to the big end of town – entrenching inequality and reducing the quality of people’s lives.”

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