Sunday, July 22, 2007

ACTU demands Govt apology

Jeff Lawrence says the Federal Government owes Australian workers an apology. (File photo) The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) wants the Federal Government to apologise for passing industrial relations legislation it knew would leave some workers worse off.

Extracts from a new biography about the Prime Minister, published in the Fairfax newspapers, reveal that Cabinet ministers were told in 2005 that the WorkChoices legislation would disadvantage some workers.

Incoming ACTU secretary Jeff Lawrence has told Channel Nine the revelations vindicate the union campaign against the legislation.

"We now know that John Howard and the Government knew that workers would be disadvantaged by WorkChoices and despite that they pressed on with the legislation," he said.

"We think that the Government owes the ACTU, Greg Combet and Sharan Burrow and particularly all those workers who were disadvantaged and actually had the courage to tell their case, it owes all of them an apology for what's been done."

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