Thursday, May 03, 2007

New Legislation

A Song by Catherine O'Brien and Allan Caswell©Catherine O'Brien and Allan Caswell 2007

freedom of choice with a gun to your head
your right to work hard until you drop dead
or we'll get some other fool in here instead
'cos we got this new legislation

the secretary's future doesn't look great
the boss says she showed up for work an hour late
besides she refused to go out on a date
and he's got this new legislation

the 4th year apprentice he's done well at tafe
he's worked real hard to make his future safe
but we've got to downsize son so you're on your way
cos we got this new legislation

your union card won't do you favours round here
cos we've smelt your breath and we think we smelt beer
and if you discuss it son you're outa here
cos we got this new legislation

we wouldn't say darlin' that you're overweight
we think you're lovely your work has been great
but we're all out of uniforms except for size eight
cos we got this new legislation

overtime's over the contract is signed
penalty rates mate are all in your mind
cos we've got your arse now on our bottom line
cos we got this new legislation

your right to life's over as soon as you're born
24 seven we've got you on call
your time's now our time that's no crime at all
cos we got this new legislation

what we said last year mate we can't recall
and that mutual agreement wasn't mutual at all
cos we made the small print incredibly small
and we got this new legislation

Many thanks to Cathie O'Brien and Allan Caswell for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

Cathie and Allan met up one evening to write a song about the WorkChoices laws passed by the then John Howard Australian Government and its repercussions on the average worker.

They wrote the song from a social justice and Human Rights perspective.

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