Saturday, November 25, 2006

Victoria: Victory for working families opposing IR laws

Labor has claimed victory in the Victorian election.

At the Italian Social Club in Williamstown, Premier Steve Bracks said the victory belonged to working families in Victoria.

Mr Bracks said his Government would commit to his election promises including establishing new elective surgery centres; implementing the largest water recycling project in the country to secure water supply for next 50 years; continue to cut greenhouse gas emissions; develop renewable energy and keep Victoria nuclear free.

He said he would keep standing up for working families around Victoria because the result was a clear message to the Government to stop attacking working families with extreme industrial relations laws.

The New South Wales Premier, Morris Iemma, has offered his congratulations to Mr Bracks. He says Victorian voters had Federal Government issues on their minds. "This is a win for working families," he said.

"It's a clear signal that voters recognise state Labor governments are the last line of defence against John Howard's extreme WorkChoices laws."

Federal Treasurer Peter Costello was clearly rattled by Labor's win and the role played by Howard's unpopular industrial relations laws and his purile faith in nuclear power as a cure for global warming.

Costello warned Bracks to keep out of "federal issues": "His ambitions are now to start taking on the federal government, I would say to the people of Victoria, though, you didn't elect a premier of Victoria to spend his time worrying about Canberra."


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