Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Corporation's Power: Howard's cure-all

The Corporation's Power a poem by David Peetz

The builders all were missing, their voicemails said "I'm out"
"You're looking for a plumber? You're really up the spout!"
No one could find a sparkie, even just to fix a fuse,
Until the P.M., from on high, delivered the great news.

"I know you all have suffered from our shortages of skill,
But now I have the answer, it gives me such a thrill;
The corporations power means no need to stay forlorn -
All we need is industrial relations reform"

Homeowners were ecstatic, "The P.M. knows the way
To solve a complex problem with the flash of a cliché!
The kids will be inspired, his rhetoric's so hip,
They'll all rush out and study for a new apprenticeship!"

Down at the pub retired tradesmen, watching the TV,
Upon hearing the news they just could not contain their glee.
"A cut in wages? Fabulous! Now that's just what we need!
We'll get back in the trade!" they all instantly agreed.

And in the child care centre, the mothers gave a cheer.
"Hooray! At last we can be sure our rosters won't be clear
From day to day or night to night - the kids will think it's great!
We'll rush back into nursing and get the country straight!"

From all around the globe, skilled workers flooded to this land.
The skills shortage was solved three months quicker than was planned!
Trade deficit? Health crisis? I.R. reform's the answer!
It fixed the drought, stopped cane toads - it was the cure for cancer!

And as the benefits exploded with each passing hour,
The whole land marvelled at this wondrous corporations power,
And shook their heads bewildered as the P.M. plugged away,
While the power of the corporations multiplied each day.

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